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Teaches you how to dive to a maximum depth of 45 meters / 150 feet, beyond the "no decompression" recreational limits. If you feel that diving with advanced technical diving equipment is not practical for you, and you prefer to continue using your recreational diving equipment, then this course is the ideal way to advance as a diver. By simply adding a small tank of Nitrox 32, and using the dive computer that allows you to go beyond the time limits of a recreational dive will provide you with more time and depth of diving.

Dive equipment description

The specific requirements of the equipment are: a. Main tank is recommended DIN double outlet valve. b. The tank must have a sufficient volume of air for the student to follow his diving plan with the rule of thirds. c.If you use a double tank or a tank with double valve, two complete regulators are required, one of them with a hose of 2 meters, a single manometer is used, this will be placed in the alternative regulator. 2 manometers are required if the tanks are independent. d. A BC with multiple stainless steel rings D-rings.

Additional info

  • Maximum depth: 45 mts/ 150 feets
  • Course Type: Rescue Diver
  • Theorical Sessions: 5
  • Requirements: Advanced Open Water Diver certification up to 39 meters. If not, it requires Deep diver certification with 4 dives over 30 meters. Minimum 30 dives Nitrox / Rescue Diver.
  • Location: 24 Street & 1st ave., Miramar, Havana, Cuba.


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