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It will make you a technical diver, it will train you to submerge to a maximum depth of 51 m / 167 feet, beyond the established limits of the no-decompression curve. Decompression is carried out with the use of Nitrox and pure oxygen. You will learn the configuration of the specific equipment for technical diving and how to choose the best one; will deepen your knowledge of diving physics and physiology; as well as practices of different discussion scenarios of various decompression theories will be made, using Haldane's recent models, you will also learn to plan technical diving through the use of computers and V-Planner software.

Dive equipment description

a.Twin tanks with double DIN outlet must have a sufficient volume of air for the student to follow his diving plan with the rule of thirds. c. Two complete regulators with first DIN stages and two pressure gauges. The main regulator must have a second stage with a minimum length of the hose of 180 centimeters or 71 inches to a maximum of 200 centimeters or 79 inches and pressure gauge and low pressure hose if the Dry Suit is used. The secondary regulator must have a second stage with a hose of 80 centimeters to a maximum of 120 centimeters pressure gauge and low pressure hose for BC. d. The technical BC with an inflation of 24 to 30 liters, equipped with aluminum or stainless steel mounting plate and metal rings D-rings. The BC must not be equipped with plastic Fastex hooks or buckles.

Additional info

  • Maximum depth: 51 mts/167 feets
  • Course Type: Technical
  • Theorical Sessions: 7
  • Requirements: Advance Open Water Certification, Own a minimum of 100 dives, RESCUE DIVER. In case of ADV it is not allowed to dive more than 30 mts DEEP DIVER NITROX is needed. Have 10 dives over 30 meters.
  • Location: Street 24 Corner 1era


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